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Overview: Amascut is the daughter of Tumeken and Elidinis and one of the deities that make up the Menaphite Pantheon. Originally she was a goddess of rebirth, tending to the bodies of the dead but certain events changed her into a goddess of destruction. She is currently called the Wanderer and the Devourer. She consumes lifes but does not let it take a new shape, thereby breaking the cycle of rebirth in mockery of her own true self. She is believed to assume the form of a soul-sucking worm when going about some of her business. She also hates cats and cats hate her. Apparantly she went insane by witnessing the horrors commited by the Mahjarrats that her brother had taken under his wing and eventually she turned on her own followers and they were transformed into cats, whether by her device or through some other force is unknown. The Menaphite Thugs are her only current followers. They were exiled from the city of Menaphos for their worship of Amascut.

First appearance in Gielinor: At the beginning of the second age roughly 8000 years ago.
Type of goddess: Originally a caretaker of the bodies of the dead and a goddess of rebirth but currently a devourer looking to destroy both living, dead and their souls permanently.
Gender: Female
Followers: Menaphite Thugs and their leader.
Shrines: Statue in Pharaoh Queen's pyramid.

Associated quests:
Icthlarin's Little Helper
Dealing with Scabaras
Smoking Kills
Missing My Mummy