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Overview: Apmeken is a god that Tumeken created on the second day of his dream which he had sometimes during the second age of Gielinor. Tumeken encountered two camps of people that argued and insulted eachother without sense or reason and this dismayed him. Beyond the people he say a troupe of apes that were enjoying eachothers company. Tumeken called out for the apes and one came over to him and climbed up on his shoulder. Tumeken said: "You are, indeed, the most sociable of creatures, bringing joy and happiness to all around. I shall give unto you a piece of myself, so that you may help me rule this desert realm, an example to my people to take pleasure in the joys of society, so that they too can be blessed by Tumeken."

First appearance in Gielinor: Halfway through the second age, around 7000 years ago.
Type of Goddess: Mental well-being
Gender: Female
Followers: Socially oriented people among the Menaphites.
Shrines: Statue in Pharaoh Queen's pyramid.

Associated quests:
Ichtlarin's Little Helper
Missing My Mummy