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Overview: Bandos arrived to Gielinor in the third age as the First God Wars were raging. By that time most races were already recruited by other gods so he could only recruit the brutish races to his cause. The story goes that Bandos left Gielinor when Guthix put an end to the First God Wars but he still has one of the biggest followings in Gielinor with ogres, orks, goblins, trolls, hobgoblins, jogres, ourgs and mogres among his subjects. The story further claims that he forced the goblins to leave their tranquil and fertile home world of Yu'biusk and come with him to the war torn Gielinor. There he taught them the art of war and turned them into brutal warriors. Yu'biusk itself was destroyed during Bandos reign though it is not clear exactly what caused the deluge. It is speculated that Bandos deviced the calamity to leave the goblins no option but to follow him. Bandos has been keeping a low profile since the end of the First God Wars and the Edicts of Guthix but he recently made a new attempt at world domination by reasserting his authority over his followers. Bandos efforts to amass a new army and conquer Gielinor were thwarted by the very goblin commander he had appointed though so he is back at the plotting stage again.

First appearance in Gielinor: Sometimes during the third age, some 2000 to 6000 years ago.
Type of god: War & Battle
Followers: Ogres, orks, goblins, trolls, hobgoblins, Jogres, Ourgs & Mogres.
Shrines: Bandos pool in Oo'glog and altar in God Wars Dungeon.
Current status: Plotting for world domination through his followers.

Associated items:
Bandos pendant
Ancient mace
Granite mace
Bandos gravestone
Bandos Godsword
Bandos chestplate
Bandos boots
Bandos tassets

Associated quests:
As a First Resort...
Goblin Diplomacy
Lost Tribe
Death to the Dorgeshuun
Land of the Goblins
Another Slice of H.A.M.
The Chosen Commander

Associated mini-games:
Bandos Agility Course
God Wars Dungeon