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Overview: Crondis is a goddess that Tumeken created on the third day of his dream which he had sometimes during the second age of Gielinor. Tumeken traveled east of the desert to a great swamp land and the city of Ullek where he hoped to find his most devout followers. The people prepared a great feast for him, cutting down trees for big fires and slaughtering many animals for their meat. Tumeken was dismayed by this wastefulness and went back through the swamp. There he spotted a crocodile in the process of catching a pray. Tumeken said: "You are, indeed, the most resourceful of creatures, taking pleasure in hunting for no more than your own sustenance. I shall give unto you a piece of myself, so that you may help me rule this desert realm, an example to my people not to overindulge in their physical pleasures, so that they too can be blessed by Tumeken."

First appearance in Gielinor: Halfway through the second age, around 7000 years ago.
Type of goddess: Sustenance and resourcefulness
Gender: Female
Followers: Hunters and cooks among the Menaphites.
Shrines: Statue in Pharaoh Queen's pyramid.

Associated quests:
Ichtlarin's Little Helper
Missing My Mummy