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Guthix is believed to be the first god to have come to Gielinor. Legend has it that when Guthix arrived to Gielinor roughly 12,000 years ago, in the shape of a butter fly, the planet was barren and dying. Guthix brought it back to life and shaped it to his/her/its liking - all with the help of a mystical artifact known as Stone of Jas. This makes Guthix the creator of current Gielinor and this puts him/her/it way above the other gods in terms of impact and power. This is also the reason why the genderless and shapeshifting Guthix is acknowledged as the god of nature and balance in Gielinor. The colour most associated with Guthix is green and he/she/it is worshipped by Druids, Seers, Gnomes, Void Knights and the majority of dwarves among others. Guthix went to sleep when 4,000 years had passed from the moment he arrived to Gielinor - a sleep that would last for almost 6000 years. The sleep was interupted by an outdrawn and escalated war waged between Saradomin, Zamorak, Bandos and other gods who all had arrived to Gielinor while Guthix was asleep. Guthix put an end to the First God Wars; established the edicts of Guthix which serve to maintain balance between chaos and order in Gielinor; wept for a little while and then resumed his sleep in his dwelling deep underground. If there is one thing Guthix can't stand, it is a war-torn and imbalanced Gielinor.

First appearance in Gielinor: About 12,000 years ago.
Type of god: Balance & Nature
Gender: Presumably genderless
Associated colour: Green
Main followers: Druids, Seers, Gnomes, Void Knights and the majority of Dwarves
Shrines: Druid Circle in Taverley, Altar of Guthix north of Taverley and Altar of Nature inside the Nature Spirit Grotto.
Current status: Sleeping deep underground

Associated items:
Silver sickle
Druid robes
Guthix armour (Full Guthix)
Guthix Rest
Guthix Balance
Guthix Crest Items
Guthix Mjolnir
Guthix cape
Guthix staff
Book of Balance (Prayer Book)
Guthix gravestone
Guthix dragonhide set
Guthix mage/prayer set
Void Knight armour
Void knight Seal
Void Knight mace

Associated quests:
Nature Spirit
Druidic Ritual
Eadgar's Ruse
Tears of Guthix
Horror From The Deep
Darkness of Hallowvale
Meeting History
While Guthix Sleeps

Associated mini-games:
Mage arena
Tears of Guthix  
Fist of Guthix
Pest Control
Soul Wars