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Overview: Het is a god that Tumeken created on the first day of his dream which he had sometimes during the second age of Gielinor. Tumeken met a strong man that stood out from all the weak people in the desert and he told him: "You are, indeed, the strongest of men. I shall give unto you a piece of myself, so that you may help me rule this desert realm, an example to my people to take care of their own physical well-being, so that they too can be blessed by Tumeken."

First appearance in Gielinor: Halfway through the second age, around 7000 years ago.
Type of god: Physical well-being
Gender: Male
Followers: Quite popular among the Menaphites.
Shrines: Statue in Pharaoh Queen's pyramid.

Associated quests:
Ichtlarin's Little Helper
Missing My Mummy