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Overview: Icthlarin is the son of Tumeken and Elidinis and one of the deities that make up the Menaphite Pantheon. Ichtlarin's first followers were the Mahjarrat but they moved on to the god Zaros after a while, feeling he was a better deity for them. All of this happened during the early stages of the second age. Shortly thereafter Tumeken appointed Ichtlarin to rule in his stead while he went about his pilgrimage. After that Icthlarin has not left any imprints on the historical records in Gielinor. Ichtlarin is a god of the underworld and helps the souls of the dead to safely reach the after life in the said underworld. This job is tougher than it sounds because his twisted sister Amascut does her best to devour the souls of the dead before they reach the underworld. Cats are widely acknowledged as the guardians of Icthlarin.

First appearance in Gielinor: At the beginning of the second age roughly 8000 years ago.
Type of god: Caretaker of souls of the dead
Gender: Male
Old followers: Mahjarrat
Present followers: Cats and Menaphites going about their funeral rites.
Shrines: Temple in Sophanem and statue in Pharaoh Queen's pyramid.
Current status: Guarding and guiding the souls of the Menaphites on their journey to the after life.

Associated items:
Icthlarin head
Cat-speak amulet

Associated quests:
Icthlarin's Little Helper
Missing My Mummy