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Overview: Marimbo is the god of monkeys. The statues in his temple depict him as a Gorilla. He was looking for followers in ancient times and stumbled upon the Ape atoll where he found monkeys. He settled down and is worshipped by the monkeys there to this day. His followers, the monkeys, claim that Marimbo once was the pet of a god and that he accidentally happened to drink from his master's cup and gained great wisdom by doing so. The name of the god and the time and place of Marimbos "enlightenment" remain unknown.

First apperance in Gielinor: Unknown
Followers: Monkeys
Shrines: Temple in the city of Marim on the Ape atoll.

Associated items:
M'speak amulet (Monkey speak amulet)
Monkey Talisman
Monkey Greegrees
Monkey corpse
Monkey bones

Associated quests:
Monkey Madness

Associated mini-games:
Ape atoll agility course