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Overview: It is not known where Saradomin came from and how he came to be a god. Legend has it that the place on Gielinor where Saradomin first set foot was the island of Entrana at the beginning of the second age roughly 8,000 years ago. His most active and recognized period was during the third age of Gielinor which began roughly 6000 years ago and lasted for 4000 years. The third age was characterized by the First God Wars. Despite his forceful participation in the wars, Saradomin is widely acknowledged as the god of order and wisdom and he is the most popular god in all of Gielinor. His main followers comprise Monks of Entrana, White Knights, Warrior's guild employees, Paladins, Saradomin Mages, citizens of Tutorial Island, H.A.M cult, Phoenix Gang, ordinary Wizards, Knights of Ardougne and a great number of others. The colour most strongly associated with Saradomin is white.  

First appearance in Gielinor: At the beginning of the second age roughly 8,000 years ago on the island of Entrana.
Type of god: Order & Wisdom (civilization)
Gender: Male
Associated colour: White
Main followers: Monks of Entrana, White Knights, Temple Knights, Warrior's Guild employees, paladins, Saradomin Mages, Citizens of Tutorial Island, H.A.M cult, Phoenix Gang, Knights of Ardougne, the Icyene race and some Centaurs.
Shrines: There are altars dedicated to Saradomin all around Gielinor and he is dominating the realms of Misthalin, Asgarnia, Kandarin and Entrana. There is also one altar in the God Wars Dungeon of course.
Current status: Can no longer interfere directly in Gielinor, only indirectly through his followers as dictated by Guthix at the resolution of the First God Wars.

Associated Items:
Holy Symbol
Monk robes
White armour and items made of white metal
Saradomin armour (full Saradomin)
Saradomin Brew
Saradomin Mjolnir
H.A.M. robes & others
Saradomin banner
Saradomin cape
Salve amulet
Saradomin Castle Wars items (cape & hood)
Saradomin Crest items
Saradomin staff
Holy Book (Prayer Book)
Saradomin gravestone
Saradomin dragonhide set
Saradomin god/mage Set
Saradomin sword
Saradomin Godsword

Associated quests:
Restless Ghost
Priest in Peril
Witch's House
Ghosts Ahoy
Recruitment Drive
Horror From The Deep

Associated mini-games:
Mage Arena
Castle Wars
God Wars Dungeon