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Overview: Scabaras is a god that Tumeken created on the fourth and last day of his dream which he had sometimes during the second age of Gielinor. Tumeken wandered for long under the burning sun without encountering any people and finally had to take refuge from the heat in a tunnel underground. There he noticed a beetle burrowing into the tunnel and fleeing just as fast. This process was repeated many times. Tumeken said: "You are, indeed, the most unusual being, digging your tunnels in isolation, avoiding contact even with me, your god. I shall give unto you a piece of myself, so that you may help me rule this desert realm, an example to my people of what can become of them, should they stray too far into solitude." Unfortunately, Scabaras fell from whatever grace he had and became an evil god somewhere along the way. The exact reasons are unknown but apparantly he defied the Edicts of Guthix and spilled blood upon some desert scarabs in the ensuing battle, thus creating the Kalphite race. He is also suspected of having some relationship with Zaros seeing as the Kalphites he created are waiting for Zaros return according to their queen.

First appearance in Gielinor: Halfway through the second age, around 7000 years ago.
Type of god: Isolation and Contemplation. However, he lost his way and became a quite destructive god somewhere along the way.
Gender: Male
Original followers: Scholars, philosophers and other intellectuals among the Menaphites.
Current followers: Only Kalphites. Menaphites typically stay away from anything spelled Scabaras since his fall from grace some 6000 years ago.
Shrines: Dungeon east of agility pyramid and statue in Pharaoh Queen's pyramid.
Associated quests:
Ichtlarin's Little Helper
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Scabaras Research
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