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Overview: Seren is the goddess of the elves and she arrived to Gielinor during the first age of Gielinor. She brought the elves with her from another world - through the world gate - and settled in the western forests of Gielinor. She inspired the elves to build the city of Prifddinas with its nine towers. Through the tower of voices she communes with the elves. She also has an altar in the city of Lletya. She was not part of the First God Wars of the third age. Instead she stayed isolated in the west. During the fourth age the elves were divided into two groups where one stayed with Seren and the other decided for a "dark lord" instead, a dark lord which has turned out to be Zamorak. Seren is a crystal entitity and she is an integral part of all elf crystals. She is a goddess of serenity.

First apperance in Gielinor: Around halfway through the first age, some 10,000 years ago.
Type of Goddess: Serenity
Gender: Female
Followers: The main portion of the elves.
Shrines: Altar in Lletya and Tower of Voices in Prifddinas.

Associated items:
Prifddinas' history
Crystal seed
Crystal Singing For Beginners
Crystal bow
Crystal shield
Teleport Crystal
Crystal Pendant
Crystal Trinket
Seren statuette

Associated quests:
Roving Elves