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Overview: Tumeken was the first desert god and is the head of the so called Menaphite Pantheon. He arrived to Gielinor in the early stages of the second age and took the desert land for his and named it Kharid. He brought his followers, the menaphites, with him to this land and they prospered in the desert despite the arid climate for they had peace and tranquility. Tumeken took a water goddess for wife, Elidinis, and fathered two children: a son by the name Icthlarin and a daughter by the name Amascut the Devourer. Both his children lost turned to destruction and violence. Icthlarin brought the terrible Mahjarrats to Gielinor and Amascut turned insane by the whole ordeal. Seeing his own failures in his children, Tumeken wearied. Ichtlarin eventually returned to grace but his daughter was lost and even turned on her own followers. Tumeken gave the throne to Ichtlarin to rule in his absence and left his family for a journey of self discovery and spiritual enlightenment in the desert. He fell asleep under the journey and dreamed a dream. In the dream he created four lesser gods to help him rule the Desert: Het was created from a man; Apmeken from a monkey; Crondis from a crocodile and Scabaras from a Beetle. Then Tumeken awoke and returned to his kin with the lesser gods by his side. And thus all eight deities of the Menaphite Pantheon were in place. The exact origin of Tumeken and his followers, the Menaphites, is unknown. They could both have come from a different planet or Tumeken could have found his followers in Gielinor and brought them to the desert.

First appearance in Gielinor: At the beginning of the second age roughly 8000 years ago.
Type of God: Sun & light
Gender: Male
Main followers: The people of Kharid, also known as the menaphites.
Shrines: No particular place of worship. All of Kharid is his domain.
Current status: Head of the Menaphite Pantheon that rule the land of Kharid.

Associated quests:
Missing My Mummy