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Overview: Zaros was the most powerful of the active gods during the second age and only second to Guthix in overall power. He was likely the third god to come to Gielinor after Guthix and Seren. Zaros is accredited with the creation of the Ancient Magicks and he was apparantly a quite accomplished wielder of it. Zaros also won the Mahjarrat race over from the god Icthlarin sometimes during the second age which began 8000 years ago and ended 6000 years ago. He trained the Mahjarrat in the art of war and dominated much of Gielinor. Zaros domain at its peak covered much of Gielinor and no other god has ever been close to that. He was eventually overthrown and banished from Gielinor by one of his Mahjarrat generals, Zamorak, at the end of the second age. Zaros is known as the "empty lord" because the mere mentioning of his name can cause his return to Gielinor and with followers he would be able to remain. Some consider Zaros the true god of chaos and destruction but others think of him as "good" god. In any event, Zamorak still fear him after all these years and Saradomin won't mention him by name. The Kalphite queen, on the other hand, claims that the Kalphites are awaiting Zaros return. There is also a grave with Zaros symbol in the goblin village.

First appearance in Gielinor: At the beginning of the second age roughly 8000 years ago.
Type of God: Chaos and destruction.
Gender: Male
Main followers: Kalphites, a few Mahjarrats that live as desert bandits and possibly some goblins.
Shrines: They used to be all over Gielinor but the temple that stood where the digsite is now was his main place of worship.
Current status: Banished from Gielinor and unable to return without help.

Associated items:
Ancient gravestone
Ancient Talisman
Ancient staff (Ancient Magicks)
Stone Tablet

Associated Quests:
The Curse of Zaros
Desert Treasure